Remodel Your Basement

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Turn Your Basement into the Room You Always Wanted


Most of the basements across in homes today have been designated as huge storage containers for all of the unwanted things we have around our homes. The basement is the last place we consider when we are looking for extra space for another room or hobby area. Many basements have been turned into nice workshops, hobby areas, man caves, as well as extra bedrooms. There are however a few things that need to be done before you attempt any type of basement renovation. By having a contractor to come over and look at the basement finishing you have in mind will help you to see what the proper preparation that is required for any type of basement remodeling project.

Most of the basements in our home or located at or below ground level. If you basement is located below ground level more than likely you will have a moisture problem moisture can enter into the basement through the basement floors and walls. It would be a good idea to make sure that your basement floors are sealed with a concrete sealer to prevent water from entering through the cracks and pours of the concrete. Condensation on the walls is also an occurring problem in any basement. You can cure the condensation problem by sealing the walls with a block sealer if your basement walls are constructed of blocks. Another procedure that is used a lot is stripping the block and concrete walls with a wooden strip and then covering the walls with a wooden paneling or even a green waterproof sheetrock.

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Ventilation is another issue that needs to be looked at when you are considering a basement renovation. In most of the basement areas in our homes moisture is trapped in the basement and has no way to escape. This lack of ventilation will lead to the development of unhealthy mold. Make sure that the adequate type of ventilation is used to remove the moisture from the basement. There are several types of ventilation fans that can be installed to help control the moisture. Some ventilation fans are designed to be installed into the basement walls and can move moisture through the walls to the outside keeping the moisture at a comfortable level. Some ducted systems are also available so you can introduce your basement ducts into the home ducting system so moisture can be removed from the basement.

Proper insulation will also need to be installed to help save energy and to also keep the basement noise level as well the room temperature at a comfortable level. If your basement is located under a room that is used a lot you may have to add the extra insulation to the basement ceiling to help combat the noise from the room above. If you are looking to add the extra room to your home and have made the decision to utilize the room in your basement be sure to contact your local contractor to have him visit you and show you what will be involved in your basement remodel.

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